More often than not, privacy policies deal with the use of cookies, small bits of code which are put on the user's computer (i.e. yours) by a website, normally to aid functionality or to keep track of what the user is doing. On this site we use analytics code, which keeps track of non-specific details of how you use and navigate through this site. All the tracking is done anonymously; at no point are any of your personal details collected. Collecting these analytics allows us to improve the website in terms of user experiences.

Any information you do send in to The Schools Marketing Partnership via the online forms is used, and only used, to the ends indicated; that is, either to subscribe you to the SMP newsletter, or for you to be contacted by SMP after you have made an enquiry. Your information will never be passed on to anyone else. If you have signed up for the newsletter but later on wish not to receive the updates indicated, simply send us an email to request this. Likewise if you signed up to receive the SMP newsletter but no longer wish to receive it, then send us an email and we will remove you from our newsletter mailing list.

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