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First Impressions count...

With parent prospects becoming ever more discerning, no school can hope to prosper without having professional, effective Admissions procedures. To meet the demands of all parent prospects - particularly ‘first-time buyer’ parents - schools have to provide an efficient, yet individual response to prospects. If you feel a full Admissions Review may be more than you need, why not ensure your Admissions processes are up to the mark by arranging for the visit of a trained SMP Mystery Shopper. Then you will know if your Admissions are everything you hope they are.

From the visit of the Mystery Shopper, your school will gain

  • An external assessment of the Admissions system and its effectiveness
  • A useful and unbiased evaluation of how parents view your campus
  • A comparative parental view of how your approach compares with that of your competitors
  • Help in setting benchmarks for measuring and achieving future recruitment targets
  • Specific recommendations which will increase the school's parental visit and conversion rates, and ensure delivery of those crucial extra pupils

A Mystery Shopper visit and report is totally complementary to an SMP Admissions Review; there is no overlap between the two services. To discuss the benefits of either service or to arrange a visit by one of our experienced Mystery Shoppers, please contact us.

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